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Outsmarting spam

Email marketing companies routinely run webscripts to harvest email addresses from websites. They make their money by selling your email address to advertisers which leads to you getting lots of spam.

Cloaking your email address

You can prevent your email address from being harvested by webscripts by cloaking it - hiding the fact that it is an email address. The goal is to make your address readable and usable by humans who visit your site and have a legitimate purpose for contacting you, while keeping the address invisible to computer scripts.

Javascript & CSS provide an elegant solution.

Note that while the email address above is readable to humans, it exists nowhere in the raw HTML code and hence can not be harvested by script. This is accomplished by using Javascript for rudimentary encryption/decryption and some CSS to make it look pretty. You can even click on it like a regular link, though if you viewsource, there is only Javscript variables - no specific email address.


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