PHP Programmer
Custom ecommerce for high-end Latin American antique house in Atlanta, GA (2006)

Site recommended Sept/Oct 2006, p. 657
Los Amigos del Arte Popular - CMS, dues payment, and gift shop for an organization of art collectors. (PHP, MySQL) (2007)
Email programs, web forms, site navigation for an SF non-profit. (2005)
Clearinghouse for restaurant information (PHP, MySQL, WML) (2006)
Online daily news outlet needed a customized, open-source CMS and email subscription management (Nucleus CMS, PHP, MySQL) (2005)   flash   html
Online portfolio for artist, uses dynamic image processing to optimize experience for viewers, automate work for admin. XML integration for flash version. (PHP, MySQL, Actionscript) (2005)
Custom e-commerce engine for high-end antique dealer in SF (PHP, MySQL) (2005)
Custom showcase for high-end ethnic art dealer in NYC. (PHP, MySQL) (2006)

Feb 2006 NY Times Home & Garden citation
Fashion reseller needed to send HTML emails and manage subscriptions for customers and publicity contacts (PHP, MySQL) (2005)
Custom HTML, MP3 email program for music agent in LA (PHP, MySQL) (2005)
Converted static site to database, custom e-commerce engine, automated workflow (PHP, MySQL) (2005)
Custom job posting script in PHP/MySQL (2005)
E-commerce pilot site to test market for product (PHP/Yahoo Speak) (2005)
Custom content management system, API applications for Google Adwords, Adsense, Sitemap and Yahoo images, search engine ranking, link checking (2005)
Converted static site to database driven, implemented PGP E-commerce, bulk mail program, subscription manager in PHP, MySQL database (2004)
Custom portfolio for photographer with dynamic image handling in PHP, MySQL (2004)
Co-founder, PHP/MySQL development, Payment gateway (2004)
Bulletin board, mail program, subscription manager in PHP, MySQL, Javascript (2004)

Pacifica Radio
webmaster of Democracy NOW!, Pacifica Network News, etc. (1998-99)

Kagins Coins
designed e-commerce engine using PHP/MySQL and VeriSign online payment gateway (2004)
HTML, streaming audio.(Site was taken down in Feb 2005) (2004)
Custom blog in PERL, using CSV text files since RDMS was not available on client server (2003)
Custom donation page using, and Javascript gift selection (2005)
Digital download software allowing musician to independently sell MP3s on website (PHP, MySQL, PayPal) (2004)
co-founder, programmer - online community calendar allowing public postings, subscriptions, etc. (PHP/MySQL) (2001-03)
used PGP encryption and PHP to design a no-fee payment gateway to securely accept donations online (2004)
database/web application design, automation of data processes, data migration, report generation (2000-2002)

SavePacifica Radio
co-founder, webmaster, bulk mail, subscription manager and content management system in PERL (1999-2002)
webmaster (1999-2000)

Pacifica Celebrates 50 Years
content research/ multi-media design (1999)
Custom search engine in PERL (2001-now)

Interactive TimeLine
content and design (1999)

Free Speech Radio News
Content managment system and admin tools in PHP, MySQL, PERL (1999-2003)
webmaster (2002-now)

Sunday Salon
webmaster (1999)

webmaster (2000-2001)

University of California, Berkeley, CalNet
programmer / analyst II: Kerberos/LDAP authentication application in Perl/Sybase, admin of dept file/web server, report generation (2003)
Bulk mailing program in PERL (2002)
CGI scripting (2003)
HTML coding (site has since been purchased by Gaiam) (1999)

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