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Data-driven Web Pages

Do you spend a lot of time updating your website? You would be surprised at how easy it can be to maintain a data-driven website. Rather than having to spend time fixing broken links, finding files, and devising organization schemes, you can spend more time on your business.

Easy Conversion Process

We handle all the details. Converting to a data-driven site entails creating a few page templates, extracting current data into a database, and setting up an admin panel for easy maintenance. Once set up, you can forget about FTP, FrontPage navigation, broken links, and resizing images. Scripts handle everything - you need only provide the content.

Custom Programming in PHP, MySQL & PERL

Do you have an idea for your site you would like to implement? If you have seen it on the web, we can recreate it for you. If your idea is novel, we can work with you. If there is an open source solution already out there, we will help you find and install it.

The Open Source Movement

Since 1998, we specialize in open-source solutions like: PHP, MySQL, and PERL, helping keep the internet democratic and saving you money in software outlays and hosting costs.

Other technologies

We do work in JavaScript, CGI, XML, ASP, SQL Server, Access, Sybase. We have an extensive library of custom tools for dynamic image manipulation on the web.


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