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Shopping Cart Programming

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CyberSparrow offers complete web & database development :

  • E-commerce, custom shopping carts, payment gateway scripting
  • Information architecture for small business and non-profits
  • Conversion of static HTML sites to database-driven pages
  • Custom programming for data and image handling
  • Specializing in Linux, Apache, MySQL, PERL, PHP (LAMP)
  • Bulk email & subscription programs
  • Workflow Automation

If you know what you want, we can do it.

We pride ourselves on designing intelligent systems that are secure, effective, and reliable.

We know you value your time as much as we do.

We can design systems to automate repetive tasks. Brainstorm with us for 30 minutes, and we will save you hours of work every week, freeing you to focus on the business of business.

We understand small businesses.

We started out developing nationally prominent sites so we know what it takes to create a professional web presence. We have helped run a profitable family-owned business and participated in two successful start-ups so we understand small business and design all of our software with real people and daily office workflow in mind.


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